Underwater Camera Recommendations

For every beaten track there are hundreds more not beaten at all.

Remote Places Photography will take you there.

Our Expedition to Mozambique is the perfect opportunity to hone in on your underwater photography skills.

Life underwater in the Bazaruto archipelago is as colourful as the views below!

Taking underwater photos means that one must have the right equipment, we recommend a few cameras for this trip. Basically, cameras are split into two groups, the first being a compact Camera (also known as a “point and shoot”) and the second a DSLR underwater camera – A compact camera is perfect for beginners, it is small, nifty and easy to carry. And if your objective is fun photography while you are snorkelling, the compact will do the job.


Canon PowerShot G7

The Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II is one excellent option if you are looking for a compact underwater camera.

Nauticam Sony A7II Underwater Housing

If taking the best underwater shots is your goal, then we would suggest using a DSLR with an underwater housing unit. Nauticam is a great brand when it comes to underwater camera housing. The housing you get will depend on your DSLR camera so it’s worth shopping around to see which brand best suits your camera.

GoPro Hero 5 with Super Suit Uber Protection

The third type of camera perfect for capturing any adventure is the GoPro. If you are looking to get more technical then the GoPro is not the choice for you, but it’s low price point and versatility compared to DSLR makes the GoPro an attractive option.

The GoPro is small, light, very rugged and the image quality is excellent considering its size. GoPros are easy to fit in your luggage, have great wide image quality and the product has a great range of point and shoot options.

Strobe Lights

An external underwater strobe, also known as an underwater flash, is very important in underwater photography. It allows you to reduce back-scatter and enables you to try different lighting options. After a camera housing, it should be your first purchase. Inon, Ikelite and Sea & Sea are popular underwater strobe manufactures.

If you are using a compact camera, Sea & Sea YS-01, Sea & Sea YS-02, Inon S2000, and Ikelite DS-51s are all popular choices. You may want to look at the Sea & Sea YS-D1 if you want to get great wide-angle shots.

If you are using a DSLR, then some of the popular underwater strobes or flashes for dSLR users are the following:  S&S YS-D1, S&S ys-110 & YS-110a, Ikelite DS-125, Ikelite DS-160, INON Z220, INON z240. All are excellent choices, at different price points. Subtronics and SeaCam have a good reputation at a higher price point and are used by many professionals. Ikelite just came out with a stronger DS-160 strobe, which is popular. Sea & sea recently launched the YS-D1 strobe. Some people may want to start with the Inon S2000 or the Sea & Sea YS-01 for a small macro setup.

Strobe arms are essential. The Ball and Joint type are by far the most common and are made by dozens of manufacturers. They typically come in standard lengths of 5 inches, 8 inches and 12 inches. Each features a ball at the end, which can be connected to another arm, housing handle, or strobe via a clamp. Don’t forget the clamps!

Read this post for information on basic under water photography equipment, and why you need it.

Check out this video from the Official Inon YouTube Channel

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