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About Us

Our Philosophy

As a team, we are committed to treading lightly on the land and giving back more than we take.


Over the years there has been a gradual erosion of the remote, wild places. Africa is our passion, and the preservation of its natural beauty is central to our beliefs and value system. Our core goal is to develop an unmatched photographic record of Africa’s remote and wild places.


We choose to invite an exclusive and small number of people to join us in on our specialised expeditions- or to work with us on our tough recces to record and choose what to offer the people who join us on a full expedition.


Our expedition ethics reflect our values. We work towards a mutually beneficial engagement with local communities and fellow travellers and in partnership with all those who work with us towards our shared goals.

We must teach our children that the Earth is our mother. Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the children of the Earth. Tread lightly on the land.

Chief Seattle


Ashley Wilmot

Ashley is our bush expert, providing both logistical and photographic support.


Growing up in Botswana on a photographic safari lodge, Ash’s childhood has left him with a deep love of the wilderness and wild places.


Ash is a keen photographer and artist who has travelled and worked in the conservation and tourism industries in various areas of Africa recording his experiences in sketch books and photographs.

Let me show you places no-one else has seen. I can offer you experiences that very few people will ever have.
I want to show you a life without limitations behind the lens.

Dieter Rowe-Setz

Dieter is our photography and post-production expert, tutor and mentor.


He has travelled extensively in Southern Africa, to remote and unknown locations, which he now wants to share with his fellow photographers.


Dieter’s unique photographic style incorporates a range of different genres. His work has been noticed in every competition he has participated in. Dieter is a member of the Kilkenny Photographic Society and the Irish Photographic Federation.

June Song

June is our comfort coordinator, bush expert, organiser and host.


She has extensive experience in the photographic safari industry in Botswana where she lived in an area of the Chobe National Park called Savute for many years. June has a keen interest in nature and kept detailed written and photographic records during her years at Savute.


June loves the hospitality aspect of safaris and enjoys spending time with guests. She has hosted and guided filmmakers and photographers in the bush, making them feel welcome in comfortable camps and providing good photographic opportunities.

And at the end of each unique day, there is a fire, people, camaraderie, stories.